Why use a debugging tool?

If you are a PHP based web application developer, you must be knowing the frustrations of debugging using echo-exit, print_r-exit, console.log() and other debugging tricks which most of us do in our daily work. For such debugging, tools like Xdebug really help us in smoothing out the operations, and also saving us a lot of time, thus increasing our efficiency.

What is Xdebug?

Xdebug is a debugging tool specifically made for PHP. You can learn more about Xdebug on their official website: https://xdebug.org/

Why VS Code?

VS Code is just a choice. You can connect Xdebug with any favourite editor of your choice such as Phpstorm…

Understanding bias-variance trade off and how to achieve the balance between them using shrinkage regularization techniques.

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In a normal linear regression model, we try to predict a response variable by fitting all the predictors on a linear equation as follows:

Understanding interaction effect and how to identify it in a data set using Python sklearn library.

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What is interaction effect?

Interaction effect is present in statistics as well in marketing. In marketing, this same concept is referred to as the synergy effect. Interaction effect means that two or more features/variables combined have a significantly larger effect on a feature as compared to the sum of the individual variables alone. This effect is important to understand in regression as we try to study the effect of several variables on a single response variable.

A linear regression equation can be expressed as follows:

The data set that I have attempted to analyze has the following features:

  1. show_id: A unique id given
  2. type: The type is either “Movie” or “TV Show”
  3. title: The title of the show
  4. director: Directors of the movie/TV show (comma separated)
  5. cast: Entire cast of the show/movie (comma separated)
  6. country: The countries where the show/movie was released (comma separated)
  7. date_added: This is the date the movie or TV show was added on Netflix
  8. release_year: The year of release of the movie/TV show
  9. rating: TV rating
  10. duration: Duration is in minutes
  11. listed_in: The possible genres (comma separated)
  12. description

Following image is…

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